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Art Therapy

What is Art Therapy ?

Pictures contain clues to unconscious fears and desires. Together, the therapist and client examine the images that provide insights that supplement verbal therapy. Often, words are limiting. Art provides a direct way of releasing the unconscious in a safe environment.

Art therapy facilitates emotional healing, helps resolve

conflicts and enhances self esteem.

This non-threatening approach to change and self-understanding permits access to our deepest felings and conflicts that are multi-layered. In an Art Therapy session, as in other forms of psychotherapy, the client talks with the therapist, and also has the choice to make images about his or her concerns. Talent and artistic skills are not necessary.

Art therapy has been used successfully with people of all ages in individual and group therapy since the 1940's.

Who does Art Therapy Serve?

Art therapy is a diverse practice servicing individuals, couples, groups, families, children, adolescents and adults on issues such as:
Raising Self-Esteem
Personal Choices
Family Relationships
Children of Divorce
Single Parenting
Step Families
Anxiety / Phobias
Sexual / Physical Abuse
Chemical Dependency
Diagnostic Evaluations Through Creative Art Modality

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