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Community Presentations

A Center for Life Enhancement offers informative and interactive presentations to K-12 school faculty,

middle and high school students, parent groups, general community groups, and mental health professionals.

Adolescent Self Harm
Includes a panel discussion led by young adults who have formerly used, and been professionally treated for

self-harm behaviors (alcohol and drug use, addiction, self-mutilation, etc.)

Attachment Disorders as Trauma

"Grief: The Trauma of Losing a Pet"
First we eliminate the shame of the loss and deal with the grief via creative and expressive experiential interventions.

Equine therapy (use of horses in therapy) may be a part of some presentations.

"Right Brain Interventions to Teach and Treat"
This experiential presentation offers participants the knowledge and activities to assist those who are academically challenged.

Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Learning
Trauma impacts one's ability to learn.

This presentation explains why and offers interventions for the learning process.

Who Art Thou: Art Therapy to Treat Children, Adolescents, Adults
This experiential presentation demonstrates the effectiveness of art therapy

as a diagnostic tool and as a treatment intervention.

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