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"I began to see Alison Hammonds when I was 15 years old, while coping with trauma resulting from the behaviors of my father's alcoholism and bipolar disorder. I immediately connected with Alison, and felt confident and secure in her office. My experience in art therapy was paramount to my personal growth. In art therapy, my past experiences began to make sense. As I was drawing and painting, I suddenly found myself with an increased capacity to verbalize what I was feeling. From there, I worked hard with Alison to develop strong boundaries to effectively cope with the changes in my family. With her support, I developed additional confidence that allowed me to focus on my goals and desires, while continuing to make sense of the growing dysfunction in my home. Strong boundaries afforded me the opportunity to continue healing from trauma and building my confidence. I was always encouraged to be myself, and developed the faith that I could be whoever I wanted to be in this world."

-Sean Campbell
Author, award-winning international speaker, mental health advocate and documentary film producer

Dear Alison,

I have to express to you how much EMDR has helped me. Each of the various traumatic events in my life was replaying in my brain.  I felt like a person trapped in a small elevator forced to listen to music I hate played over and over again with no escape. The more I tried to ignore and push back the events the more they would surface and upset me, and the more I would try to suppress them.

EMDR was a physically painless pulsating in the palm of my hands that opened up each emotionally painful event letting me experience it fully in a controlled environment  knowing I could count on you being there should I need you. Focusing on and reliving the pain of the event in this way, released it from constantly replaying in my mind and took away the anxiety.

I cannot thank you enough for giving me this wonderful feeling of peace.


Alison's gently probing EMDR techniques effectively unravel the knots of trauma. I feel fully partnered as we work through formerly hidden issues. Progress is clear. Recognizing, forgiving and accepting myself and others has opened up old and new friendships and eased my marriage.

I look forward to and am grateful for each session.


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